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Book Reading Program Friday, July17, 2020


Friends of Wingate Park in partnership with - 

ISEI: International Society for Emotional Intelligence 
New York Reading Success 
Black Youth Success Movement
Emotional Intelligence Urban Initiative, New York Reading Success.
VCCL: Veterans Caring for Children Through Literacy   

Invites you to a Juneteenth Virtual Book Reading Series. Juneteenth short for “June Nineteenth” also known as Emancipation Day commemorating the end of slavery in the United States June 19, 1865. We’ll cover traditional repertoire of stories, rhymes and songs. This is a free, fun and educational program.



Vendors must provide table, chairs and tent (10x10) if needed.
Food vendors are required to have a valid food handler’s permit.
As a sponsor/exhibitor/vendor, we are asking your organization to provide educational information, free samples, screenings or general information about your organization.

This Event is not sponsored or endorse by New York City or New York City Department of Education.

Upcoming Event:

The goal is to serve the educational, social and cultural needs of the community and ensure the empowerment of our youth. The organization addresses critical issues such as Gun and Gang Violence, Domestic Violence, Housing, Mentoring and Jobs.


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